Williams Mendez

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I am a freelance web and Android™ developer living in the Dominican Republic.

Williams Mendez


I am a freelance web and Android™ developer living in Moca, Dominican Rep. I started freelancing in 2007 and have worked for a wide range of personal clients and companies.

I offer a complete web solution to my clients. I can guide you through the early stages of project planning and research, help you with information architecture and user experience, design your website, and finally build the site for you.

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I have a network of developers and designers that I sometimes work with. If your web project is large enough, I can put together a team of expert developers and designers, to tackle the big stuff.


Blogging is such an opportunity. I am sad to see people abandoning the chance to express, to connect, to build relationships. For me, the love of blogging (and what it means to me) is why I have been in the game so long. It is how I have met most of my current friends. It is how I have stayed sane when I was an employee, and how I center myself today as a creator.

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Great time, great people


ADB Over TCP * Root required.


My very basic django skeleton.


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Enough about me, let s hear about you. I am currently available for projects starting in October 2013.