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Published on Jun 21, 2020

I've been working from home (WFH) for a decade now, so let us assume that I have "mastered" the technique.

A lot of people has been writing about this because of the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic.  I want to share with you the little (and not so little) things that I do to stay focus and productive, but also to make my employeers conformtable having me thoudands of miles away from them. 

So here is my list:

1. Set a schedule

Since you'll have "a lot more time" to do work or you will manage your hours, you'll find that sometimes a 20 minutes nap could end up in 1 hour of wasted time on your phone screen while in bed.  That means that you'll have to fill that time later, and you'll finish work late at night.

So for me it is important to have working hours scheduled.  In that way I can spend time with my wife or going out (pre COVID-19).

2. Have a dedicated place for work

For a lot of people this is not an option, though you should try to isolate your working environment from "your home" as much as possible.  The reason for this is that if you don't do it, you'll feel like you are at work all the time.

If you can't afford to have homeoffice, at least try not to work in bedroom.  Many people, including me, have sleeping issues because of that.

3. A good chair

Probably the most important advice is this one.  Sitting on a bad chair will make your life a living hell, not only during work but specially after work.  Use the best chair you can afford, and I say best I don't mean necessarily expensive.

4. Communicate

Communication is an interesting topic.  Many bosses like to keep an eye on their employees/team members or think that people will spend their time watching cats on the internet, specially the ones with fewer experience working remotely.

I recommend that you take a proactive approach.  Don't wait until the boss ask, tell her what you've done; that way you will not be interrupted at times when you're in focus mode or having dinner with your partner.

5. Go out (if possible)

Again, COVID-19 has made hard to live a normal life, but you should try to go out regularly. 

In normal situations, I go to the GYM 3-4 a week, meet with friends and/or family once-twice a week.  Some people work on public places when they get bored at home.


Working from home can be a challenge.  It is important that you plan for success, that you can separate work from life and also that you feel comfortable with this new style of work.

If you happen to work from home and have other tips or advice, please share!