Williams Méndez

Let's talk programming...or anything really

Published on Jul 23, 2020

How do you know whether you are right or wrong about something?  Can I be both right and wrong at the same time?

For a couple years now (maybe more but I don't have data to back that up) I've been involved in unending discussions of all sorts with family and friends — is like there's always something "interesting" to debate.

The problem comes when I feel like I can't explain myself well enough to make the person understand my point of view.  I feel defeated, although it's not war — or is it?

How can I answer this questions:

  • Am I blinded by my own judgement of affairs?
  • Are they listening?
  • Am I listening?
  • Is it worthy?
  • Am I learning something?
  • Are they learning something?
  • Am I willing to learn?
  • Are they?

I should probably pick and choose my battles with more wisdom...