Williams Méndez

Let's talk programming...or anything really

Published on Oct 18, 2019

I'm currently reading The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Convey, and it has helped me to see things a tiny bit different.  The feeling that I really didn't know what exactly being responsible is all about, but more importantly what is integrity about.

When you put things in perspective and you realise that maybe you're not the person you used to think you were, in that moment, you understand that you can do better.  But how much better?  How many things need to change in your day to day life to become a better version of yourself?

I've been trying to stick to new ways of doing things, prioritizing what I can classify as "Important, but not urgent" tasks; leaving "Non important" tasks out of my way as much as possible.  Man it's hard.  I'm getting things done, though it's taxing.

When I look back 5, 10 years I can see a very different me.  I can see that I've become a different person, or at least not the person I thought I would be by now.  So how can I be, in another 10 years, the person I would like to be? 

Life is all the decisions you've made.  If we have all these knowledge, all these guides and rules, how come we end up being another person?  We all know that little by little we craft our future, but what change along the way?

It seems like Responsibility & Integrity are big players...

It's a narrow road.  I'm wondering how hard it is for other people to do the right thing.  How often do people just quit? How many of us just can't keep up?  And more interesting, how often do we think that we're responsible, focused people?

I guess I'm still an Alpha version of myself.